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Uni student looks to contest northern tablelands on behalf of union. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski One of those, he said, was the chair of the union`s regional steering committee, who was recently removed from her position after allegations she had a sexual relationship with a young staffer. In the past few weeks, another student union president who has been involved in the dispute is leaving, and this one has been replaced by a member of another university branch. The union was unable to explain the reasons. The College of Fine Arts dean says she did not discuss her involvement in the case with Mr Palmer, and the former chair of the union`s regional steering committee said she had left his organisation. The controversy has been a constant source of controversy among union officials, who say the conflict stems from the tension between the union`s core values and the demands of Mr Palmer, who wants to remove the head of union operations, and has promised to bring in an assistant in his office. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski Many union officials said unions had not managed well until Mr Palmer took power and Mr Palmer himself took the reins. The University Union`s chairman, Andrew Smith, said he knew Mr Palmer was frustrated, and was confident the University Union would be the one to change its course. He said Mr Palmer was confident that the students` union would remain strong, as it had become the face of the University Union and the voice of students. "There`s a difference between being successful when you are successful, and then turning around because of a person who`s not successful at the other end," he said. Mr Smith said the fact that students would support a change in the University Union`s leadership had come as a surprise. "We had already tried that, so we didn`t really understand what that would mean." He said it would give the union a "better track record" under Mr Palmer, who had a track record of being "a bit of a screw-up." There are a few members of the University Union left who have refused to be removed from the University Union, saying they did not want to lose control of the union. 바카라 온카지노 Canberra construction company geocon charged breach consumer law Updated The Federal Government says it has been contacted by five construction companies seeking details about breach consumer law breaches, and will look into whether it should have been notified. The Labor Government recently ordered the department to review and investigate breaches of consumer law, which could include breaches of environmental law, in relation to public works projects or major public projects. It has ordered the industry sector body to report within 12 months whether a breach of consumer law has occurred and will decide whether to impose penalties on affected parties. Geocon Construction Pty Ltd says it has been sent a number of notices of breaches relating to the proposed $1.2 billion Cairns gas processing plant. Geocon, which is already paying the Government $2.7 million in breach fines, says it has been paid less than a third of the total $1.1 billion fine. The ABC understands one or more of the companies has already paid more than it should be for breaches of consumer law and will continue to do so until the Government gets to the bottom of the matter. Geocon`s website says it has been notified by one of its customers that it has not met a condition in its licence on a $400 million Cairns site. Topics: community-and-society, courts-and-trials, government-and-politics, australia First posted

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На вопросы по тематике «Автоюрист» отвечают специалисты Информационно-правового портала «Юкон». Далее...

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