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Defence scientist refocuses on missile program The defence secretary has repeatedly said the US cannot rely on ballistic missiles being able to hit countries such as China. He has also promised to keep British forces off Saudi Arabia`s shores and has urged US allies to send military advisers, according to the Guardian newspaper. But the US has ruled out sending any special forces troops to the Saudi kingdom because they are not authorized to fight alongside the army. But Mr Assad said the regime had no plans to start a civil war. Analysis: Tom Balmer, BBC defence correspondent The Saudi-led coalition has announced more than 3,600 air strikes in Saudi Arabia this week, targeting Islamic State (IS) targets and the coalition says its targets include some 100 "proxies" involved in the bombing campaign. Since a failed attempt to launch a chemical weapons attack in Syria a few weeks ago, the US has been a reliable ally in its effort to defeat IS, as have European countries. Saudi Arabia has taken a hard line on IS fighters, with most recently it banned them from leaving. Some analysts also suspect that President Obama is attempting to weaken his own hand by making demands on his American coalition partners such as Britain, France and Germany to increase their support for the coalition against IS in Syria. But the Russian military intervention could provide Mr Assad with a new target. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption The BBC`s Tom Balmer looks at what this means for President Assad It comes as the Iraqi army is already running short of equipment, and a humanitarian disaster on the ground looms. It is feared thousands of people could be trapped within the town of Tell Abyad, which was a rebel stronghold before its defeat by IS in June last year. Some 500,000 people were displaced, many of them internally displaced, according to UN officials. The Russian intervention on Syria`s eastern border was supported by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russia and Iran. The air strikes - some of which were carried out with Russian airbases - have been supported by the US-led coalition. The Russian intervention has also been seen as a response to reports that Russian air strikes were deliberately targeting civilians in Iraq and Syria. Russia has already stepped up its military involvement in Syria as a part of its mission. This month, it conducted another airstrike in Syria in response to a claim from pro-government sources it was responsible for air strikes in Iraq, including the downing of a Su-24 jet. The British government has refused to comment on a report that it planned to send its special forces to the Saudi-led military campaign. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Saudi Arabia has bee 온카지노 예스카지노 Lake bonney wind farm work underway Updated The National Energy Regulator has begun work on a wind farm in the Pilbara region of southern Australia, it has been announced. Commissioner Greg Hunt announced the work was in the early stages and would be completed by the end of 2018. "As we`ve been working very closely with the community, the community has been very receptive to what we are trying to do," he said. "I think in many ways, the Pilbara community is very open-minded and supportive of all of this, particularly what we are trying to do there. "We believe, for many of these wind farms to actually occur on a long-term basis and actually be operational as wind farms in the future, there will have to be some kind of development of infrastructure. "That`s what needs to happen." Mr Hunt said the commission had taken several opportunities to see the site, which includes several sites including an onshore storage facility and a large power station, before deciding on this particular wind farm. "With the development of the site, we have been able to sit down with many different parties including the Federal Government, to gain some ideas and ideas for future activity at the site," he said. "In this particular case, we decided that it would be important and, at this stage, our focus is to get this work done as soon as possible." The wind farm is expected to produce between 12 and 15 megawatts, with a third of it at the start of the project and another third of that later in development. Topics: energy-energy-and-utilities, electricity-energy-and-utilities, government-and-politics, government-and-politics-and-politics-migration, pilbara, qld First posted

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Представительство Российского объединения АВТОЮРИСТ г. Челябинск
Представительство Российского объединения АВТОЮРИСТ г. Челябинск

Представительство Российского объединения АВТОЮРИСТ г. Челябинск. Далее...

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