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Police point finger at jaguar fan A jaguar in Peru has been shot and killed by a fan who threw a dart at it. Footage of the shooting came from the border town of Huachuca. Local media report that the fan ran after the animal but was hit by the dart. The dog was taken to hospital where it is understood it received treatment. A local newspaper reported that police were investigating. 우리카지노 온라인카지노 예스카지노 바카라 온라인카지노 Survey finds education costs affect students more than they used to By Michael Balsamo University of Michigan-Dearborn In 2011, the national college enrollment among college graduates declined for the first time since the early 1970s, a period during which the cost of college was steadily rising for most Americans. The drop in enrollment has been driven by a few factors. The cost of education is rising fast, and the share of college-aged workers who hold at least one job has declined. But some other changes to education policy have also led to a sharp decline in the share of college graduates who earn more than average wages. This shift in the distribution of earnings may help explain why average college students are more likely to earn more and stay at the University of Michigan-Dearborn than in other years, even though enrollment has increased somewhat. The decline in college participation appears to be correlated with changes in the educational cost structure for most undergraduate students, both for institutions and for students who receive Pell Grants. But the most dramatic decline in earnings is probably being experienced by first-year college graduates. Between 2002 and 2011, earnings for most students in postsecondary institutions in the country declined more for first-year college graduates than for the national average, according to a 2015 analysis by researchers at the Georgetown University Center for Education Policy. This decline has been driven largely by the decline in educational costs in non-public postsecondary institutions. While Pell Grants are only an average measure of college and graduate earnings — a small sum of money to which students can apply to receive college education — they do help compensate for educational costs by expanding access to programs, often for lower-income students, that were once virtually impossible for more affluent students to access. But rising tuition and student debt prices are putting additional pressure on higher-education institutions. The most significant reason that earnings for many first-year college students have fallen is that the share of college graduates with income at or above the poverty line has declined during the same time period. More than 20 percent of those with annual income below $75,000 are now below the poverty line, with only 5 percent of all college graduates with annual incomes of $75,000 or more and only 3 percent of all college graduates with annual incomes between $50,000 and $99,999. These findings strongly indicate that income-income differences in the distribution of college earnings are driven by some combination of changing supply chains and changes in educational structure. While many factors may be driving these changes, the overall pattern seems to be that first-year college graduates earn more but have lower incomes than previously in the country because of changing supply chains that have moved from institutions that used to offer low-wage jobs in low-skill sectors to those that provide high-wage jobs in industries that have become increasingl

Police officer trial for ramming teen with police car thornlie-miller Two police officers accused of using a car to ram a 17-year-old girl at a North Carolina bus stop were sentenced Wednesday to more than 1,000 years in prison. The two officers, Jeremy Joseph Mouton and Keith Todd Leff, were sentenced Wednesday in Montgomery County Circuit Court in a nearly year-long trial that showed how often police use force in areas without cameras and how often citizens are not adequately challenged by police. A jury convicted them last week of second-degree assault, a felony that could add to a long list of other charges facing them. They are expected to appeal. "I know these men didn`t mean to kill this 17-year-old girl and she didn`t deserve it," U.S. Attorney Michael Brown said Wednesday, calling their actions "a senseless act." The 16-minute video showing Mouton and Leff ramming the teenager through a stoplight was released publicly in early March after the case was first reported to law enforcement. It showed the men, both white, hitting the teen several times, stomping on her foot and hitting her in the head with a wooden chair. Her head spun. One man then drove away and returned minutes later, police said. The girl was not injured. Prosecutors said the teen wasn`t drunk at the time she was taken to the hospital, although her family is suing the police department for allegedly withholding evidence. The jury convicted Leff, who has since been arrested, of second-degree criminal damage to property and two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, a second-degree felony that can carry as much as 10 years in prison. In the first-degree assault count Mouton received as an adult, he received a prison sentence of 15 years and two months after pleading guilty to a single count of second-degree assault and was placed on three years` probation. Mouton`s attorney said Wednesday`s sentence, if upheld, would be a first for law enforcement officers in Montgomery County, which has the second-highest number of police officers in the country. "They are a good looking, intelligent group of men who were not meant to take away a victim`s life," attorney Robert Jones said. "It`s a terrible act of human error." Leff also was charged with third-degree assault, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years. He pleaded guilty to charges of reckless conduct and failure to disperse but will not face sentencing until September. He said after his release from prison that he would take a few weeks off to start a family with a female partner. His lawyer, David L. Davis, said his client plans to tr 예스카지노 온라인카지노 바카라사이트 온카지노 온라인카지노 Missile strike injures 3 islamic jihad members A number of Islamic State terrorists have been injured in an Israeli missile strike on a house in Jerusalem earlier this week, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said on Wednesday. An IDF spokesman said on Tuesday that three terrorists had been killed and 21 injured in the missile strike on a house in the northern neighborhood of Al-Khalil on Monday night. Israeli air raid destroys an explosives training camp in Lebanon`s Kfir province. Source: REUTERS According to Israeli sources, on Monday night at around 6 pm the missile struck the rear end of the house of Ibrahim Al-Abed, one of a trio who were training at an explosives training camp in the Kfir province of Lebanon. Abed had been standing next to an explosive charge, which was also set alight, the sources said. "The explosion and blast caused great damage to the home of Ibrahim Al-Abed and the explosion shook the houses for a few seconds, but the residents fled the rubble," the sources added. Abed, one of five men involved in preparing weapons and other explosives for an attack on the Israeli soldiers who are protecting the area in which they are stationed, was on their way home from an evening shift in the security camp. The sources did not know the precise circumstances of the explosion, but said it may have been caused by a bomb smuggled into Israel last year after being planted outside Al-Khalil. Israel has repeatedly accused Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia terror organization that controls Lebanon, of attempting to carry out deadly terror attacks in Israel and throughout the Middle East. Hezbollah said in June 2013 that the group is fighting to defend the country`s security. Israeli media have said Hezbollah is preparing for future attacks on the Jewish state, which Israel regards as the protector of Muslims, and for terror attacks against Jewish institutions. Netanyahu has repeatedly condemned terrorism and said he will not allow terror attacks to occur on his soil in the future. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and US President Barack Obama sign a joint statement prior to a joint press conference in the West Bank city of Ramallah February 10, 2017. Reuters

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